Meet our new Graduate Trainee – Sustainability

Meet Brandon Holm


What made you want to study sustainability?

I have always had a passion for all things to do with the Earth, which led me to study Geography at Swansea University for my Bachelor’s degree where I developed a keen interest in climate change and environmental management. Through the reports published by the IPCC showing an increasing severity of current and future impacts of climate change, this furthered my drive to develop a career within sustainability and do my bit to ensure future generations aren’t hampered by our current activities. This led me to enrol on my Masters course at Coventry University with my goal being to use my knowledge to help any potential employers and/or clients achieve carbon neutrality. After receiving my job offer, I am very pleased and excited to be starting this journey both at and with iForce.

How has iForce supported you while studying?

While studying, iForce provided facilities to attend my online lectures during the pandemic as well as flexibility around my shifts as a Warehouse Colleague to attend either my online lectures or any in-person lectures I may have had.

Are there any expectations you had about this career path/course that you have found differed from reality, in both a good or bad way?

One aspect that has been pleasantly surprising is that when talking to friends, family or colleagues there has been a general interest in becoming more knowledgeable around the topic of sustainability.

What is the biggest impact sustainability has on the industry?

The concept of becoming more sustainable is encouraging the logistics and distribution industry to become more innovative in searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Companies within the industry are having to become more efficient in their processes –such as efficient packaging solutions, which therefore reduces waste and consumption. Awareness within the industry of resources at our disposal – such as utilising roof space for solar energy – will go a long way in our fight against climate change.

What is the best bit of advice you have for someone looking to study sustainability?

Sustainability has been known to have negative connotations for various reasons; however, I like to describe it as making small changes today that do not negatively impact our lives or business so that future generations will not have to compromise on their needs. In addition, there are so many different aspects of sustainability as a subject, such as carbon accounting, waste management and environmental management – that you will be able to find your passion.