iForce: Powering Efficiency Through Automation

At iForce, we’re revolutionising fulfilment by harnessing automation to create a smarter, more sustainable supply chain. Our focus goes beyond just speed; we’re committed to efficiency, accuracy, scalability and reducing our environmental footprint. That’s why we’ve embarked on a comprehensive automation journey, integrating cutting-edge technologies to transform your supply chain.

Our Smart Symphony of Automation

  • Locus Robots: These agile autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) seamlessly navigate our warehouses, handling picking, put-away, and replenishment tasks. They work alongside our team, increasing efficiency and reducing reliance on manual processes.
  • Sparck Packaging Machines: Sparck takes over the packing process, intelligently selecting the perfect box size and ensuring secure, damage-free shipments. This eliminates manual packing errors and streamlines order fulfilment.
  • Exotec Solution Our Exotec system has been up and running since early 2023, optimising storage and retrieval with incredible speed and accuracy.
  • Vector Bots (coming soon): The future of in-warehouse automation is here! Our Vector bots will handle a wider range of tasks, collaborating with Locus for a truly dynamic and adaptable warehouse ecosystem.