Do you import products from outside the UK? Do they attract duty? Do you want to improve your cash flow? If you answered yes to all three, then a bonded warehouse could be the perfect solution for you!

A bonded warehouse is a secure storage facility where you can keep imported goods duty-free until they are ready for sale or distribution within the UK. This means you only pay import duty when the goods actually leave the warehouse, significantly improving your cash flow and reducing upfront costs.

Beyond Bonded Solutions with iForce

Forget simply “bonded warehouses.” At iForce, we hold HMRC approval for both Customs & Excise, unlocking a game-changer for your business. Deferring both Duty & VAT means:

  • Cash flow optimisation: Hold onto your money longer, only paying Duty & VAT at the point of sale/despatch.
  • Effortless international selling: Simplify cross-border transactions, no upfront duty or VAT.
  • Double taxation elimination: Pay duty and VAT only once, not twice. Just incur country-specific charges at import/export.

Accurate stock, assured compliance: Your trusted partner

  • Stock Control and Compliance
  • Systemically Controlled Reporting and Compliance
  • Regular internal and external audits stock and compliance audits
  • Dedicated Custom & Excise Management Team

Unlock the Power of Bonded Warehousing for Any Product

Forget the misconception that bonded warehouses are just for alcohol and tobacco. At iForce, we help you harness the true potential of bonded warehousing by suspending Duty & VAT on any imported product, not just the usual suspects.

Bonded warehousing isn't just a solution, it's a strategic advantage.
Let us show you how it can transform your business.