RSPB invests in new software to streamline delivery process

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has invested in a new software platform to efficiently manage the delivery of more than 1million separate products sent to its customers and supporters each year. The organisation has deployedRoute Genie, iForce’s advanced carriage management software to manage the allocation of their parcels to the most appropriate carriers based upon a complex cost and service matrix as well as consolidate information from carriers regarding their effectiveness in delivering the parcels to their customers.

Route Genie is integrated with all of the leading domestic and international carriers allowing retailers full flexibility with regard to who they wish to choose to deliver their parcels to their customers. RSPB has chosen to deploy Route Genie alongside Maginus, the multichannel software platform, at its outsourced warehouse providers in Northamptonshire. RSPB selected the combination of the Route Genie and Maginus software due to the ease with which the two systems were able to be integrated and the breadth of functionality inherent within the software therefore future proofing its business requirements.

As well as offering its members, supporters and customers the chance to purchase a variety of different bird and wildlife related products, RSPB also sells a wide range of gifts, literature, cameras and binoculars, including the RSPB own brand, from its online shop.

The Route Genie software was launched as a SAAS service by iForce in 2014 and is currently utilised by leading retailers such as Dunelm, Waitrose Cellar and Paperchase. iForce made the Route Genie software available for license in 2016 and have engaged with Ideal Home Shopping and Cotswold on this basis.

Roy Roddy, Fulfilment Manager at RSPB, said: “We have been extremely impressed with the flexibility of Route Genie and to see how many of the UK’s leading retailers have saved substantial time and money by fully utilising Route Genie’s functionality. This gave us the confidence to pick iForce’s solution ahead of other carrier management solutions in the marketplace and enter a three year agreement with the company.”

Richard Tucker, Head of Sales at iForce Group and Route Genie, said: “The Route Genie platform provides retailers with a world-class carrier management solution whilst also delivering true value for money. RSPB will use the software’s personalised communications functionality, providing online shoppers with branded messages containing key tracking information, automatically sent at chosen trigger points along the supply chain.”