Prevention of Modern Slavery Statement 2017-2018


iForce, as one of the fastest growing modern commerce specialists, supports its clients in their efforts to deliver excellent service to their customers. In doing so, iForce uses a number of suppliers for their business streams, as well as handle products sourced by our clients from the UK and overseas.

Any use of slave labour is criminal and in breach of fundamental human rights. iForce opposes these repug- nant practices and is committed to ensuring transparency within our organisation and our suppliers of goods and services.

Progress to date

  • a) In the financial year 2017-2018 iForce continued producing plans for better practices within our supply chain, focusing at areas of the business that are most at risk of modern slavery i.e. agency supply.
  • b) Where practicable, we have engaged agency workers directly or on a fixed term contract , in order to ensure direct control over the terms and conditions under which our workers are engaged and ensure no third parties have any undue influence on our employees. We have also ensured that our recruitment agency partners source and recruit labour in a legally compliant manner and that they do not charge finding fees for placements. Where concerns were raised, we investigated matters thoroughly and ensured none of our workers is subjected to modern slavery.
  • c) We trained 80% of the middle management population and those responsible for direct recruit- ment of colleagues on how to tackle modern slavery The company re-iterated the availability of our confidential telephone helpline service to provide means of anonymous reporting of any suspected cases of modern slavery

Commitment in the year 2018-2019
iForce will:

  • a) Conduct further risk assessments for all areas identified as high risk of modern slavery
  • b) Further ensure that we use permanent or fixed term placements where possible
  • c) Introduce audits into how efficiently our direct suppliers operate their modern slavery policies
  • d) Engage in discussions with our clients on how to join forces in detecting and preventing modern slavery in our workplaces
  • e) Raise awareness of our colleague population by introducing the Anti Modern Slavery messages and incorporating the anonymous line number as well as the GangmasterLicencing Authority contact details into our recruitment documents and the induction process


John Boyd
Human Resources Director