Our technology

Our technology has been the driving force behind the growth of iForce since we were formed in 1997.

We realised right from the beginning that flexibility and agility needed to be built into both the software and the operational solutions we create for our client partners. Whether they be high volume mainstream or lower volume, higher margin specialist retailers.

iForce continues to design, develop and deploy its own software rather than buy off the shelf software packages. Our technology has been built, maintained and enhanced by our team of experts, enriched by working in partnership with long-term clients to maximise the opportunities across the many different market sectors our clients serve. Our clients have chosen us because they believe that the combination of our technology allied with our operational expertise provides them with a service that is unique in its capability and efficiency.

Clients tell us constantly that the inconvenience and cost of remodelling off-the-shelf software to meet shifting shopper needs and the inevitable delay in software changes being made to reflect changes in their business and markets they serve represents a barrier to their growth. By owning our software we believe that we can work with our clients to understand potential enhancements needed to our operations and technology, allowing them to determine the pace at which we translate these into software changes.

iForce is proud that every one of its clients has chosen to utilise our software and that is why we continue to invest in our technology to ensure it remains competitive and industry-leading.