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A refurbishment service was established within the iForce group with the sole purpose of providing existing and new clients with a full asset recovery service through the refurbishment and remarketing of customer returned product. Using regularly reviewed procedures, product is taken from an unknown state to a fully refurbished, tested and graded standard before being offered to the consumer at discounted rates.

Recovery yields of most product is in the order of 85% pass rate, with over 70% of these achieving a Grade A – "as new" status. Product is reboxed where necessary, and is made complete with all accessories regardless of how the product is returned to us. Our technicians are governed by rigorous procedures enabling iForce to remarket the product with the confidence that the consumer purchasing experience will be as if they had purchased a new product but with the additional benefit of a discount from the original retail price.

The thoroughness of the testing and grading enables either iForce or the retailer to add a warranty to the product when sold. Established remarketing channels for the refurbished product have been created through Amazon, e-Bay and other routes to market.

Clients, both retailers and manufacturers, benefit from data acquired throughout the process, enabling them to improve their own returns process for the benefit of their customers as well as minimising costs in the reverse logistics supply chain. The range of product that can be recovered through refurbishment is not limited to high tech electronics but can extend to any product in the general houseware, toys, games and other high-ticket domestic item ranges.

For more information on our Refurbishment services please contact us using the details listed in the Contact Us.
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